Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day Six!

Day Six here we go!

Another old picture.. sorry about that. It is not that old though. Just a couple months.

I LOVE airplanes, and flying, and anything to do with airplanes and flying lol

I work right across the street from the airforce base. But I haven't been able to get a picture of a plane. This is the best picture I have. I think airplanes runs in my blood. Both of my parents work on airplanes. I went to vo-tech when I was in highschool to be a airplane mechanic. I almost joined the National Guard to be a helicopter mechanic. I only had about a year and a half left to get my license, but never got to finish. Life had other plans for me. Its just something that I love. The sight and sounds make me smile. When Im having a bad day or am feeling a little down it makes me smile to see the planes out flying. I think that being a pilot for the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds has got to be one of the best jobs EVER! I also wanted to join the Guard so I could fly a C-130! When I was in vo-tech we would sit outside on the patio and watch them do touch and gos.

Ok... so if you didn't already think I was a nerd with the Warcraft... feel free to think so now LOL

I am just glad that my husband likes planes too. (-: