Thursday, March 6, 2008

OK SO I am starting this .. here goes...

So... since we found out Alan had diabetes are diets have changed alot. Well his more than mine. I have too many weakness'! But over all... I have been trying. But sometimes you just have those mornings where you are tired and you really don't care what you eat. Well today I was tetering between caring and not caring and I wandered into 7-11 to get some cappuchino.. AND I saw this

Creamy Curls!! When Alan worked for the bread company that makes these I used to get them every so often. But it has been a LONG time.. and I have NEVER seen them in the store. Its like heaven in a honey bun! So I quickly went to not caring and picked this up with my cappuchino!

And it was GOOOOOD! And I dont feel the slightest bit guilty! :p