Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day Four!

OK ok ok ... so I missed some days. Sorry bout that (-:

Sometimes it cant be helped!

I may try and get two in today since I missed so many days. We shall see!

Things you can learn from this picture:

1) I make breakfast EVERY Sunday morning. It varies from week to week as to what we have. But it does end up being waffles quite frequently. I got this wonderful belgian waffle maker as a wedding present. I LOVE it! .. actually.. I really really wanted one so I told my bestfriend thats what he could get me and I wouldnt tell anyone else lol

2) I try my hardest to buy made in Oklahoma products. (The Griffins syrup in the background.. which is really the best anyways. I was buying it before I knew it was made in Oklahoma) It is just good to support your local businesses. So as often as I can, I pick those things that are made here. We have lots of stuff made right here. It just makes you feel good. (-:

Im kind oif blah today.. so thats it for now. I will try for one more later. We had an awesome day yesterday and I need to d/l pictures off of my camera!

Have a wonderful St. Patty's Day! (-: