Monday, March 30, 2009

Day Seven!

Ok so this is the last post in my seven day series about me. (That took two weeks lol Im such a slacker!) I should have just labeled them as entries and not as days.. but ah well. (-:

Just a warning... this will be the most personal of them all. Maybe the most personal I will get on this blog.

This is about one of my most prized possessions. I have several things I hold dear. Things from my grandparents and such. Things you would assume someone would hold dear to them. But this is about this painting.

(This is not the best picture of it.. I will try and get a better one.)

This painting was done by a wonderful artist that I am proud to not only call my friend, but who I also consider family. Family is not always about the people who you were born with. Go check him out. Folk Utopia

This painting was a wedding present. It is HUGE. It is almost the length of our couch. Its a depiction of my family. My husband, his kids, my kids, and me. Its our family. With some other details that our specific to us.

A couple of months ago I went through the worst 24 hours of my life. Seriously. Alot of things went through my mind during this time including how I was going to be able to bring myself to take it down. I almost covered it up. In the process, I also wondered how I was going to be able to let go of someone that means more to me than he probably knows. Because even though he is part of my family, I dont believe we would have been able to keep in contact. At some point it would have gotten too weird and probably not helped me get over things. Thankfully, things changed and I didn't have to take it down or lose someone else that was dear to me.

My worst fears came true during those 24 hours. Fears I had lived with for almost five years.

Fears I now deal with everyday.


But through it all.... this painting will always be a symbol of my life. It means so much and I pray to one day get to a point where I dont worry about my life without it.